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Amazing App.

The amazing features of Jaho App.

01 Better Ordering

No need for a third party when you can take full control of your orders and varying food cravings. Our online ordering services save your time and make it easier for you to order any meal with minimal contact while helping you manage your orders.

02 Various Brands & One Delivery

Enjoy your unlimited chooses from more than 50 brands, different cuisines and receive your food by one delivery!

03 Discounts and Regular Offers

More loyal = pays less. The more you order from Jaho Food; the more benefits you get; since our application algorithm gives regular discounts to our loyal customers in addition to many offers for all customers.

04 Searching and Filtering

How easy to find what are you looking for through our app, dive into hundreds of different meals and cuisines that suit your preferences.

05 Online/Offline Payment

Order your favorite meals just by one click using different payment methods you prefer (Apple pay, Google pay, credit card, or even cash!)

06 Jaho Healthy

Advance service designed for you to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle by enabling free nutrition consultations with special diets and tips tailored for your eating habits.

07 AR Food Representation Technology

Our unique way of presenting our cuisines’ meals helps you get what you exactly want to eat by demonstrating all the meals interactively and clearly using AR (Augmented Reality) technology.

08 Order Tracking

Our application provides you with accurate tracking information that helps you follow your favorite food on your device.

09 Innovative cryptocurrency loyalty program

We insist to use the latest payment technology in our App, and related pointing loyalty program.

10 Ordering Your Favorites

We get you a unique and customized experience by making your favorite list of food easier to reach instead of searching hundreds of different meals.

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Available for Android and iOS platforms.