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Our company is always looking forward to building strategic partnerships with businesses, either by investing in Jaho Food Cloud Kitchen or by entering a brand under Jaho Food brand’s umbrella.

By becoming a partner, you will automatically become a part of our family! Our dedicated and experienced team will be available to provide you with the support you need to reach your financial goal.

Four reasons of Success.


Purchasing raw materials for 50 menus provides a better price negotiation with the suppliers and controllable product quality.

cooking process.

Using a common space, materials, and equipment ease access to the best technology and reduce the mortgage of investment cost for each brand.


Centralized multi-brand promotions can reach and engage more users at a lower cost. All promotional activities will be communicated through Jaho App, social media, and many more.


The developed centralized delivery system for the various brands, helps the management to optimize the time, and cost of the whole process.

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